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Nostalgic Radio and CarsTM   2015 


Tuesdays 7-8PM (EST.) on WTAN-AM 1340 Clearwater/St. Petersburg, WDCF-AM 1350 Dade City, WZHR-AM 1400 Zephyrhills, Florida. Join us for some Classic Rock and some captivating conversations with our interesting and legendary guests about cars, boats and motorcycles. Topics cover collector car shows, concours, auctions, vintage and professional motorsports racing events as well as swap meets. Some of our guests have been Carroll Shelby, Jay Leno, Ted Nugent, Gregg Rolie, Mark Farner, Nick Mason, Dave Jenkins, Hulk Hogan, Larry The Cable Guy, Adam Carolla, Tanner Foust, Adam Ferrara, Roger Penske, Mario Andretti, Stirling Moss, Bobby Rahal, Dan Gurney, Parnelli Jones, Peter Brock, Don Garlits, Shirley Muldowney, Danny "The Count" Koker, Barry Meguiar, George Barris and Wayne Carini to name a few. Want to win a prize on Nostalgic Radio and Cars? Listen and be the 9th caller on select shows to WIN! CALL 1-866-826-1340 during the show. To listen to ALL of our Past Shows Click on "Podcast Archive" at the top of this page. LISTEN TO A SHOW NOW!

Download June 30, 2015  06-30-2015 (48.47 MB)

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June 30, 2015

  • June 30, 2015
  • Your show host Robert with special guest Bobby Unser.  Bobby Unser is a well-known American race car driver, sports announcer and International Motorsports Hall of Fame inductee.  His interest in cars began as a family tradition starting at an early age while working on foreign sports and race cars at his father's shop in New Mexico. His career in racing began in the early 1950's racing Midgets and Sprint Cars, and at the age of 15 he won his first championship in modified stock cars. His racing experiences include setting speed records on the Bonneville Salt Flats, competing in sport GT cars at the 24 Hours at Daytona, Indy Cars and some NASCAR racing. He is one of only ten drivers to have won the Indianapolis 500 three times in different decades. He has also won the Pikes Peak race 13 times setting a course record in 9 of those events. In fact the Unser's have won Pikes Peak so many times it is often referred to as “Unser's Peak”.  Today Bobby can often be found driving on vintage racing circuits and at major automotive sporting events around the country.


Download June 23, 2015  06-23-2015 (47.68 MB)

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June 23, 2015

  • June 23, 2015
  • Your Show host Robert with his son and co-producer Bobby. Bobby and Robert spent the hour talking about cars, car shows and played some cool vintage rock and roll mixinging in some clever sound effects, movie clips and sound bites. Robert also talked about assessing condition and values of collectible cars and parts as well as the good old days hacking up and parting out cars in the junkyard business. 


Download June 16, 2015  06-16-2015 (50.25 MB)

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June 16, 2015

  • June 16, 2015
  • Your show host Robert with special guest Bob Scanlon. Bob is the general manager of "Velocity Channel". Bob started his journey into television broadcasting in the mid 70's working with ABC Sports. He then signed on to ESPN, building and developing their network and programming operations. Years later he moved on to Speed Vision and Outdoor Life Networks where he was instrumental in building, staffing and developing network and programing operations. With an outstanding success rate in the television industry, Bob was hired by Discovery Channel and their affiliate channels, HD Theater and the Military Channel to continue his success in the world of TV programming. Today Velocity Channel features some of the finest automotive shows on cable such as “Chasing Classic Cars” and “Barrett Jackson Live” thanks in part to Bob and his passion for cars and his ability to ascertain what viewers want to watch.


Download June 9, 2015  06-09-2015 (49.21 MB)

Duration: 53:45 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 128 KBPS - Frequency: 44100 HZ

June 9, 2015

  • June 9, 2015
  • Your show host Robert with alumni guest Wayne Carini.  Wayne is the host of the popular automotive TV show "Chasing Classic Cars" on Velocity Channel. Wayne is one of the best known car collectors in the country and travels around the world in search of rare and unusual classics and barn finds. Wayne frequently attends auctions, car shows and concours events with his film crew where his show is often filmed live. Wayne is also a frequent guest on Nostalgic Radio and Cars, sharing interesting car find stories and always keeps us abreast of the classic cars market.


Download June 2, 2015  06-02-2015 (49.49 MB)

Duration: 54:04 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 128 KBPS - Frequency: 44100 HZ

June 2, 2015

  • June 2, 2015
  • Your show host Robert with special guests Monte Doran and Jim Kalahar. Both Monte and Jim work for General Motors and are involved with the marketing and production of the new 2016 Camaro. Monte is responsible for the PR and advertising for the new 2016 Camaro and Jim is one of the lead  developement engineers working on the new 2016 Camaro due out at the end of this year.


Download May 26, 2015  06-02-2015 (51.18 MB)

Duration: 55:54 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 128 KBPS - Frequency: 44100 HZ

May 26, 2015

  • May 26, 2015
  • Your show host Robert with special alumni guest Steve Magnante. Steve is best known as a color comentater at Barrett Jackson Car Auctions. Steve is also a very serious cars guy. In his spare time he builds hot rods and gasser/altered replicas. Steve has been a writer and editor for Chrysler Power Magazine, Mopar Power, Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords and popular Mechanics to name a few. He is also an author of numerous books and recently completed a book on the Ford Mustang. Steve also has a number of automotive videos to his credit. Steve can often be found roaming junkyards, cars shows and swapmeets across the country and is a regular guest at SEMA in Las Vegas every year.


Download May 19, 2015  05-26-2015 (28.23 MB)

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May 19, 2015

  • May 19, 2015
  • Your show host Robert with special guest Jon Kosmoski. Jon is the founder of "House of Color" paints. Jon has been building a customizing cars since the 50's His speciality is custom painting, his work is world renown. In the early days of car customizing he had trouble with pearl, candy and metalic finishes, the didn't seem to last. So together with a chemoist friend they developed the ultimate custom paint. Today House of Color is the paint of choice by custom car builders like George Barris, Chip Foose and Troy Trepanier. Jon still builds custom cars, frequents car shows and is a regular at the anual SEMA event. 


Download May 12, 2015 - 5th Anniversary!  05-22-2015 (54.24 MB)

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May 12, 2015 - 5th Anniversary!

  • May 12, 2015 - 5th Anniversary!
  • 5 Year Anniversary Show with show host Robert with alumni guest Dom Forte. Dom and Robert were just sitting around talking about the good old days of driving their cars back in the 70's freqenting all the local drive-ins and car hanh-outs tooling around in Shelby Mustangs. Dom and Robert also discuss topics on collector cars toys, vintage magazines articles and minor mecahnical issues parts and cars. Dom owns and operates Fortes Inboard and Auto Connection in Pinellas Park, Florida, a family owned restoration and repair shop specializing in Ford Mustangs. Fortes also sells and repairs "Tige" high end ski boats.


Download May 5, 2015  05-19-2015 (51.38 MB)

Duration: 56:07 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 128 KBPS - Frequency: 44100 HZ

May 5, 2015

  • May 5, 2015
  • Your show host Robert with special alumni guest Adam Carolla. Adam is a well-known comedian, TV host, Radio host, author, news commentator and more importantly a vintage car racer. Adam has the number 1 podcast in the country, "The Adam Carolla Show". Recently Adam has embarked on a new project. He produced and full length movie film documentary on the life and times of actor and racer car driver Paul Newman. This detailed feature film show how serious, committed and dedicated Paul Newman was as a racer. Paul Newman won 4 championships in his career and raced into his 80's. He was not only a successful driver but also a successful team owner. The movie is titled: Winning "The Racing Life of Paul Newman". Paul Newman inspired Adam Carolla, so much so that Adam owns some of Paul Newman's former Datsun race cars and actively vintage races these collector cars on road courses on the west coast of the United States.


Download March 28, 2015  04-29-2015 (51.4 MB)

Duration: 56:09 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 128 KBPS - Frequency: 44100 HZ

March 28, 2015

  • March 28, 2015
  • Your show host Robert with special alumni guest Brad Fanshaw. Brad is an accomplished automotive designer and owner of "Bonspeed". His company designs custom wheels and products used in the aftermarket car world, including a custom line of swiss made watches. Brad has been the co-host of the popular TV show "Car Warriors", the host of "Street Rod and Custom Radio" and now is one of four co-hosts on a new radio/video podcast titled "Shift and Steer". His three otherco-hosts are Aaron Hagar (Rat Runner's Garage), Pete Chapouris (So-Cal Speed Shop) and Matt D'Andria (Car Cast).


Download March 21, 2015  04-29-2015 (49.97 MB)

Duration: 54:35 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 128 KBPS - Frequency: 44100 HZ

March 21, 2015

  • March 21, 2015
  • Your show host Robert and special guest Chuck Jones. Chuck started out with horses on a ranch in southern California, but that was until his dad took him to see a Midget car race. That was a turning point for Chuck, he started hanging around repair shops learning the hobby and eventually wound up building his own car and racing on the streets, the dry lakes and eventually the newly sanctioned Santa Ana Raceway. Chucks first famous racecar was the "Sidewinder" drag race car, one of the first transverse mounted rear engine dragsters. Chuck was part of the most influential periods in motor racing history through the  50's 60's 70's and 80s. He became a team owner and competed in GT, Can Am, Indy, F5000 and F1 series. Some of the famous drivers that teamed up with Chuck were Skip Hudson, Clay Regazonni, Al Unser, Jackie Ickx, Nelson Piquet, Danny OngiasCris Amon, Roberto Guererro and Peter Revson. Chuck has had an amazing career in racing.


Download April 14, 2015  04-14-2015 (48.89 MB)

Duration: 53:24 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 128 KBPS - Frequency: 44100 HZ

April 14, 2015

  • April 14, 2015
  • Your show host Robert with special guests Leslie and Leigh Keno.The Keno brothers , influenced by their parents, developed their interest in the antiques and collectibles as children. They also developed a passion for cars from the father while tinkering with vintage vehicles. Later Leslie went to work for Sotheby’s and Leigh went to Christie’s. The brothers have appeared as furniture appraisers on the PBS series Antiques Roadshow, have hosted the WGBH series “ Find”, and have been hosts on MSN's “Tech & Gadgets”. The twins have co-authored a book on antique furniture titled “Hidden Treasures”. Leigh has his own antique dealership in New York City, and Leslie heads the American furniture and decorative arts division at Sotheby's. Both were awarded the National Humanities Medal in 2005. In 2008, the brothers joined then-First Lady Laura Bush on a History Channel televised tour of the White House. In 2009 Leigh launched Keno Auctions a full service auction house. They ambitious twins regularly judge at the prestigious Pebble Beach and Amelia Island Concours. They are also avid vintage car racers


Download April 7, 2015  04-07-2015 (47.83 MB)

Duration: 52:15 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 128 KBPS - Frequency: 44100 HZ

April 7, 2015

  • April 7, 2015
  • Your show host Robert with special guests Ray and Chris.  Ray and Chris are the hosts of "Motormouth Radio" the popular call in automotive talk show at 90.3 WHPC FM Radio based in Garden City, New York. After an assortment of jobs from car stuff, finance, wrenching,  graphics arts and radio, Chris Switzer started the show. As the show grew, he enlisted the help of the former host of Cablevision's Extra Help Automotive Show Steve "The Bronc" Broncatello. Slowly the show started to show signs of strength. In 2004, Ray Guarino was added to the mix as "The Bronc" retired to his home in Sparks Nevada. Co-host Ray has held jobs as an auto parts counterman, machinist, plastic injection molder/mold-maker, and an auto electric rebuilder. His life-long love of all things mechanical, coupled with his job experience, has given him a "No Fear" attitude when it comes to taking things apart and fixing, modifying, and ultimately improving them design-wise and functionally. Together this duo entertains and humors listeners and fans around the New York Metro and Long Island area.


Download March 31, 2015  04-07-2015 (50.87 MB)

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March 31, 2015

  • March 31, 2015
  • Your show host Robert with Special guest Peter Klutt. Peter is president of Legendary Motorcar based in Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada. The facility covers almost 40,000 square feet including a state of the art restoration facility, a showroom and a museum including some 100 examples of collector cars. Peter heads up a team of highly skilled restoration artists, mechanical geniuses and gifted craftsmen. Peter is often seen of TV. He is also the former Co-host of Speed Channel’s popular TV show “Dream Car Garage” and also appears on “What’s My Car Worth” with Keith Martin of Sports Car Market magazine fame. Aside from collecting and selling classic cars,  Peter is also a competitive race car driver and races a race prepared 1969 Corvette Coupe in the Sports Car Vintage Racing Association  (SVRA) and also competes in the NASCAR Canadian Tire series.


Download March 24, 2015  03-24-2015 (48.78 MB)

Duration: 53:17 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 128 KBPS - Frequency: 44100 HZ

March 24, 2015

  • March 24, 2015
  • Your show host Robert and special guests Toni Cumbess & Ray Snowden from SVRA.  SVRA: "Sportscar Vintage Racing Association", one on the oldest vintage race car orginization in the USA. Toni is VP of marketing and Rad is the director of racing for SVRA. SVRA  conducts vintage racing events at legendary race tracks throughout the country including Sebring, Sonoma Raceway, Laguna Seca, Watkins Glen International, Road Atlanta, and Virginia International Raceway. SVRA events provides safe, fair and fun competition for the enjoyment of our competitors, their crews and their fans.


Download March 17th, 2015  03-17-2015 (49.5 MB)

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March 17th, 2015

  • March 17th, 2015
  • Your show host Robert with special guest Valentino Balboni. Valentino is the factory test driver for one of the world most famous and iconic Italian automotive Marques..."Lamborghini"


Download March 10th, 2015  03-10-2015 (47.93 MB)

Duration: 52:21 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 128 KBPS - Frequency: 44100 HZ

March 10th, 2015

  • March 10th, 2015
  • Your show host Robert and special guest Don Williams. Don is the founder of the prestigious "Blackhawk Automotive Museum" in northern California.


Download March 3, 2015  03-03-2015 (51.26 MB)

Duration: 55:59 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 128 KBPS - Frequency: 44100 HZ

March 3, 2015

  • March 3, 2015
  • Your show host Robert with special guests Shea Holbrook, Daniel Amrine and Rebecca Starkey. These youg ladies all have apiring careers in the field of motorsports racing. 


Download February 24, 2015  02-24-2015 (51.2 MB)

Duration: 55:55 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 128 KBPS - Frequency: 44100 HZ

February 24, 2015

  • February 24, 2015
  • Your show host Robert and special guest Eric Minoff. Eric is an automotive specialist and car connoisseur with Bonhams auction house. Bonhams will be debuting their first automotive auction event at Amelia Island in 2015.


Download February 17, 2015  02-24-2015 (50.21 MB)

Duration: 54:50 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 128 KBPS - Frequency: 44100 HZ

February 17, 2015

  • February 17, 2015
  • Your show host Robert and special guest Rick Dore. Rick is a well known southern California custom car stylist and co-host of Discovery Channe'ls hit TV show, "Lords of the Car Hoards". Rick also builds and designs custom cars for celebrities like James Hetfield, lead guitarist for the band Metallica. Rick started customisizing cars when living in Arizona and later moving to southern California. Rick specializes in conceptual styling from start to finish and some of his cars have won awards at the Grand National Roadster Show and SEMA. Some of his projects have been featured in numerous magazines like Hot Rod, Rod and Custom, Rodders Journal as well as many international publications. His most recent creation is the retro styled "Black Pearl" borrowing some of its dramatic deco styling ques form the classic French built Delahaye. Rick even has a signature line of replica toy cars on the market (produced by JADA), for collector hobbysts and enthusiasts.